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today is1 8 2018 1 8 2018 i have been on clindamycin for seven days and had to stop my1 8 2018 1 8 2018 i was wondering if nitrofurantoin can cause erectile12 18 2017 12 18 2017 i was prescribed clindamycin 150mg by an oral surgeon.

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the use of clindamycin phosphate topical lotion should be considered carefully, as this topical antibiotic is just a step below oral antibiotics in the level of danger that it poses.

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renal although no direct relationship of clindamycin to renal damage has been established, renal dysfunction as evidenced by azotemia, oliguria, and or proteinuria has been observed in rare instances.

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similarly, dosages of drugs that are metabolized or excreted by the liver, such as erythromycin, chloramphenicol, or clindamycin, must be reduced in patients with decreased hepatic function.

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this clindamycin topical price guide is based on using the drugs.

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